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Emerald Suites CDO: Urban Comfort at a Budget

Emerald Suites CDO: Urban Comfort at a Budget

Emerald Suites CDO, a budget-friendly hotel in the city of golden friendship was recognized as the Best Affordable Hotel Inn by Golden GLobe Annual Awards for Business Excellence (GGAABE) in 2016. Sold by this idea, I booked online to secure my room reservation all the while enjoying member's benefits - discounts and redeemable points.

I showed up at the reception with my better half on the scheduled date. Check-in was swift and smooth. After a short orientation of the hotel's rules breakfast time, we then took the stairs to our assigned room.

Emerald Suites CDO, Double-sized bed
Emerald Suites' guest kits is a plus!
I was swept off when I entered the room. It was very spacious and in my mind I was like, " shall I do my workouts here or just roll on the floor?" πŸ˜‚

Rooms and Amenities

Emerald Suites CDO has 30 spacious, comfortable rooms equipped with the following:
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Cable LED TV
  • Hot and cold head shower
  • WiFi access
  • Toiletries and personal hygiene kit
  • Bath towels
  • Large cabinet
  • Dresser
  • A pair of room slippers

We chose the deluxe room for ourselves with a promo price of ₱1,280.00, but since I booked online, we end up paying less instead. More than the price mark down, I loved everything about the room - large space, comfortably soft bed and pillows, chic bath and toilet in blue and white combination, and the cleanliness in general. Another bonus was the hygiene kit provided, which included soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste. Other hotels usually provide soap and shampoo only. WiFi connection was also stable.

Breakfast for two was included in the net amount paid at the reception and can be ordered from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM at the hotel's cafe located at the ground floor.


Specifically located in Jose Agudo St - just a stone throw away from the city’s major malls namely: SM Premier CDO, Ayala Centrio Mall, Gaisano Mall and LimKetKai Mall, it would not be hard to get around downtown city. Public transportations were easily accessible too.


Customer service matters to me. At ES, I admired how the well-trained staff would greet you with their smiles from the moment they will see you approaching or just passing by the reception desk. Room service was quick as well. When the TV inside our room went dead, one of the staff knocked on the door and offered assistance.

Booking Info

Give them a call through the following numbers:  (088) 880-7745, 0922-849-6450, and 0917-316-8949. Alternatively, search for the best deals and prices for Emerald Suites CDO at

Check-in Time: 02:00 PM. Add P100 for early check-in
Check-out Time: 12:00 NN

With the comfort and accessibility that the hotel provides, you will never go wrong with Emerald Suites. I would surely not miss to recommend this to my friends.

* Main photo is borrowed from FB page ofEmerald Suites CDO.

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Where to stay in Jasaan | Twin Hearts Spring Resort

The view as captured atop the slide of a five feet pool.

"Why not try Twin Hearts Resort, ma'am?" asked the motorcycle driver.

The question hits my wanderlust right on spot. An overnight stay at Twin Hearts Spring Resort is on my list too. So why not give it a try as well?

Twin Hearts Spring Resort

Twin Hearts Resort is located in Barangay Mahigugmaon in the municipality of Jasaan, Misamis Oriental. It is conveniently located amidst nature with tall and big trees surrounding the area as well as a view of Gamooc river that adds a relaxing feel to the resort. The overall ambiance makes it a respite to those who seek tranquility after a weekly grind. 


Cozy room of Twin Hearts Spring Resort

Kenn and I spent the most of our weekend in a nice room with a good night sleep totally oblivious from the joyous laughter and talks outside. More than that, inclusions are as follows:

  • Breakfast for two
  • Unlimited use of the pool
  • Bath and toilet inside the room with rolled tissue
  • Bath Towels
  • Free WiFi

Yellow lights illuminating the room is quite relaxing. | Twin Hearts Spring Resort
Gold curtains and brown-furnished furniture is complementary.  Twin Hearts Resort.

The room is spacious enough to get around for the two of us. Our window view is more of greenery which is a good diversion after seeing the crowd in the pool. We don't have a TV inside but if you wish to have one, you might want to choose the other room. As for the price, it only cost us ₱1,000.00 - best price as compared to the first one that we've checked out. Room with TV costs ₱1,500.00.


For an all day long outing with family and friends, the resort is a good place to be as it offers many cottages to choose from that will cater small and large groups. There are four pools with varying depth from 2" to 8", two of which have slides and one has a jumping board. There are lifeguards on duty to ensure safety of all guests. The resort is well-maintained following its draining schedules; and trash bins are also visible so there is no reason for littering at all.

I would love to take a jump but I'm afraid of drowning. :( This is the deepest pool with eight feet depth. | Twin Hearts Spring Resort
Kids love to take a slide, too! And this one's for them. Twin Hearts Spring Resort is a place for everyone.
Just the right depth for my height - five feet. Haha! | Twin Hearts Spring Resort

The local driver mentioned that the water at the resort tastes sweet and is naturally cold, given that it is coming from a natural spring. As if to validate his words, Kenn saw one of the lifeguards fetched and drank directly from the spring water the next morning.

Aside from the pools and open cottages, the resort also have a function hall and Karaoke bar.


Weekends are days when the resort is really crowded. Despite so, the staff could still manage to accommodate everyone with heartwarming smile. πŸ™ŒπŸ˜Š Everything is synchronized and systematized - from verification to check in - I should say that it's a smooth transaction. The staff are well-trained and surely knows what needs to be done. No wonder I've heard a lot of positive feedback both online and offline.

With all these said and done, my overall experience at Twin Hearts Spring Resort is a worthwhile one. I would not give second thoughts when asked to visit the place again, and of course, I would highly recommend this to everyone as well.

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Grab Your First Act Electric Guitar at Guitar Center

First Act Electric Guitar at
Purchase of musical instruments that are produced by popular US brands from a well-known retailer such as Guitar Center always ends up with smooth transaction as it comes with it both reliability and trust.

Guitar Center, the world's most trusted musical instrument retailer always put customers' needs first. GC wants to make sure that as much as possible, all musical instruments from different manufacturers are highly available for shipping internationally. If not, they are more than happy to collaborate with the brand to deliver what you need.

With that being said, if you are looking for first act electric guitar at, Guitar Center will do the extra mile. Just send them an email and they'll pass along your request to the manufacturer.

First Act Electric Guitar at
First Act is a musical lifestyle company headquartered in the heart of Boston's back bay. They strive to engage kids and parents with music through instruments that are easy to play, entertain and incorporate learning in a fun way. In a time when music programs are being systematically cut from academic budget, they infuse music back into American daily life. Hence, if you want your child to learn the basics or a college student who wish to play the guitar, grab your first act electric guitar at

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Bay View Grill

Bay View Grill Jasaan

Have you experienced getting lost in one of your travels? Well, I have my share too. Shortly after our weekend escapade to Dodiongan Falls, Kenn and I planned a day hike in Mt Salumagayon but last minute changes brought us to Jasaan.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my tablet where I saved all of my research works and all I can remember were words like Kiwani and Kimala. None of these two words were correct as it was Barangay Kimaya that I'm referring to where we plan to look for a place to stay later in the afternoon. Thanks to Irene for the quick response about my queries via FB chat. She instructed us to drop off at crossing Kahulugan in Kimaya but I don't know where exactly that is so I decided that we stop at Bay View Grill because it was the only landmark that I'm familiar with. When I asked around as to where Kimaya is, it turned out that we're already far from where we should be and we have to get back by riding a multicab. Since we were already at Bay View, we agreed to take our branch instead.

Also Read: Where to Stay in Jasaan | Twin Hearts Spring Resort

When you see this tarp on the highway, you know you're heading the right way. It's Bay View Grill!
Bay View Grill has spacious area ideal to hold events
Check out the comfy couch of Bay View Grill!

Bay View Grill is located along National Highway in Barangay Jampason, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental. It offers combo meals at a very affordable price starting at ₱48. The area is also spacious to hold events like a wedding reception or a small party. There is also a room big enough for meetings. Inside the resto, there is karaoke bar intended perhaps for beer nights and a separate space for dining area. I love the mix of calm vibe and upbeat music in the background while sitting on the comfy couch. Plus,  the sea and the people who indulged in banana boating from a nearby hotel offers a good view. With all these stuffs, I can say that my mishap leading to our misadventure is not a bad thing at all.
Travel, the best way to get lost and found all at the same time.

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Visiting Dodiongan Falls

Visiting Dodiongan Falls in Iligan City

Visiting Dodiongan Falls in Iligan City has been in my bucket list since 2012. I always have the urge to visit this tourist spot because from what I saw on Facebook, the water flowing against beautiful rocks with luscious greens in the background is surely worth a visit.

Five years forward, Kenn and I went on a weekend escapade with our good friend Kuya Paul, the campus president of Mindanao State University Mountaineering Club Inc (MSU MCI). It is a SEC registered nonprofit organization in which the three of us are all affiliated.

View of Dodiongan Falls after a heavy rain
See nature in its crummy state and still appreciate it for what it is. 

Dodiongan Falls is one of the 23 waterfall attractions in Iligan City that is considered as budget friendly destination because there is no entrance and miscellaneous fees. Located in Barangay Digkilaan about 14 kilometers away from the city proper, it is accessible by land transportation though it requires a little effort to get there. 

Dodiongan Falls in Iligan City is a beauty to behold.

When we arrived at the base point heading to Dodiongan falls, one of the residents told us that it rained the day before so the water appears to be brownish. I looked at the river and well, just shrugged my shoulders. I waited five-long years for time to allow me to embark on this adventure so discoloration is just a minor problem. This kind of natural process is not enough reason for us to back out - I strongly believe there's always more than to seeing of sights.

As mentioned earlier, going to the falls requires a little effort. By that effort means a short trek and two river crossing. It will only take less than 15-20 minutes and a local guide is not even needed because the trail is already established. Simply follow the stream but remember to observe safety precautions.

Quite few guests got there ahead of us so we crossed the basin of the falls to get to the other side where we can settle our things down without mixing in with the crowd. After such, we then spent our time chatting and taking photos - all while we're in the water. The cold, mocha-colored water is not itchy and is still inviting to dip in and despite all, I still find the falls a beauty to behold. More than that, what matters is the joy of connecting and strengthening relationship with the people I hold dear in my heart.

A post shared by Johanns Cordita ツ (@sightseerpinay) on

How to get to Dodiongan Falls. Coming from the city proper, take the Sta Filomena-Acmac jeepney lines and tell the driver to drop you off at San Roque crossing (the intersection after Mandulog bridge), fare is ₱8.00. Once there, you can see motorcycles or habal-habal alleyed at Barinaut terminal along the highway. Negotiate with the driver to send and fetch you to/from Dodiongan Falls on the agreed time. Fare is ₱35.00 off to the falls, ₱50.00 when going back to the city. According to the drivers, the reason with the price difference is that it's hard to take habal-habal from the base point so they would intentionally fetch the passenger there; but if you know how to haggle hard, you can convince them to let you pay a sum of ₱70.00 back and forth.
Note: If you are coming from Cagayan de Oro, you may drop off at the bus stop and just walk few meters back to San Roque crossing.

End notes
- Search for the weather conditions in Iligan City since river current may be strong after heavy rain and if you also wish to see Dodiongan Falls in its grandeur.
- Avoid the teeming crowd by opting to visit on weekdays.
- Bring your own foods and drinks. There is no store nearby.
- Exercise caution especially on river trekking.
- Be a responsible tourist. Do not EVER leave your trash behind.

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A Day of Summer at Enchanted River Rock Island

A Day of Summer at Enchanted River Rock Island
Visiting home albeit for a short period of time is worth the 10-hour travel from Cagayan de Oro. Our family reunion is something I look forward to and seeing one of my best friends means a day of summer. This time around, we dedicate one full day at Enchanted River Rock Island.
Hinatuan Enchanted River Rock IslandHinatuan Enchanted River Rock IslandHinatuan Enchanted River Rock Island

Hinatuan Enchanted River Rock Island was once a remote virgin island with cassava crops planted by the grandparents of the owner, Jeyza Veras. In the early 2000 (to my knowledge) when Enchanted River has been making rounds in social media, the municipality of Hinatuan have since been receiving flocks of visitors throughout the year especially on summer and Christmas holidays; however, there was only two lodging houses operating back then that can accommodate tourists. As a result, people needs to travel an hour or two to nearby cities just to find a place to stay in. The owner acknowledged the growing demand and so she has committed herself in providing both locals and tourists the best accommodation in Hinatuan.

I met miss Jeyza during our visit. She was so accommodating and as a Hinatuanon  myself, I can say that she is down to earth. On that note, her being accommodating is reflected in the success of her business as many people are patronizing the resort. I can even see big improvements in Rock Island since 2016. Aside from its iconic bridge, open cottages were added so that guests can stay longer and enjoy a swim when the tide is high. One may also take the opportunity to circle the island, gather shellfish, take a photo opp with the rocks as backdrop or see some reefs growing in the area on low tide. If any of these won't suffice, go ahead and watch/feed the fishes. Another notable improvement is the availability of electricity - the staff told me (back in 2016) that the resort was dependent on generator, although until now, water (and by that I mean clean water for shower purposes) remains a scarcity. Anyhow, the experience will patch up for that.

If you wish to stay here for the night, here's a sample photo borrowed from their website. Take note that room rates vary.

Hinatuan Enchanted River Rock Island
...and this is how it looks outside.

How to get there

From Enchanted River. If you do Island hopping, ask the operator to include Rock Island in your itinerary.Hourly rate applies, P160/hr.

From Barangay Cambatong. This is the ideal entry point if you wish to head directly to the resort without paying multiple entrance fees from Enchanted River. Ask assistance from the locals/watchers so they can call the next boat operator who will send and fetch you to/from the island on your agreed time. Rate is P150 for 5-6 people per boat.

Additional Info

Location: Barangay Cambatong, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur
Contact Nos: 0948-676-9779; 0915-842-6464
Facebook: Enchanted River Rock Island

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Shure SM58: One of The World's Most Popular Vocal Mics

Shure SM58

Dynamic microphones are commonly use both at home and in public. In fact, it’s the type of mic that mom used to sing her heart out on weekend karaoke session and it’s also the same type that we use in school for public speeches. The reason maybe because it is widely available in the market – affordable, rugged, and surely works – much like the Shure SM58.
Shure SM58
Shure SM58 Handheld Microphone is an industry-standard, highly versatile cardioid dynamic vocal microphone, tailored to deliver warm and clear vocal reproduction; and is consistently the first choice for vocal performances around the globe (Trivia. Patti Smith even used Shure SM58 in one of her performances). Tuned to accentuate the warmth and clarity of lead and backing vocals, Shure SM58 is popular with DJs and club presenters in live venues. Aside from that, it is tailored to target the main sound source while minimizing background noise so rest assured it will perform consistently even in extreme conditions. See video.

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