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How to get to Camiguin Island

How to get to Camiguin Island, photo credits Lareen Uy

Camiguin is a remote island enriched with natural wonders and historical sites. It boasts of lush rain forests, hot and cold springs, majestic waterfalls, marine sanctuaries, and clear waters.

To visit this little paradise in Northern Mindanao, read on the transportation guide below: 

How to get to Camiguin Island

By Air

  • From Manila - There are no direct flights from Manila to Camiguin Airport. You may choose to connect flight from Cebu to Camiguin or get a flight to Cagayan de Oro (check further details below)
  • From Cebu - Cebu Pacific direct flights are available four times a week (M/W/F/Sun).

By Land and Ferry

1. From Cagayan de Oro. 

Option A. At Agora Terminal, ride Bachelor Tours liner that is bound to Butuan City. Tell the conductor to drop you off at Balingoan Public Terminal.
Option B. ...or ride bus liners that are bound directly to Balingoan Public Terminal such as Pabama Tours.

Cost. Bus Fare, P150.
Travel Time. Terminal to terminal, 1 hr 40 mins - 2 hrs

2. At Balingoan Public Terminal. Take note that buying of tickets for Camiguin-bound passengers is now centralized at the terminal. Meaning, you will ride whatever ferry is available for travel at the time of your purchase. You no longer have the liberty to choose the ferry of your choice (unless you badly want to) but it's actually one of a smooth transaction especially when you're in a hurry. Once you arrive at Balingoan, you will see the ticket booth stationed at the center of the public terminal. Step by step process is specified. Make sure to secure all tickets required for boarding such as ferry ticket, cash ticket (LGU ticket as per locals), and terminal fee before going to the port.

Barge Fee

  • Regular Fare: P170
  • Student Price: P145
  • Senior Citizen: P136
  • 3-11 years old: P85

Terminal Fee
  • Regular Fee: P15
  • 2y.o and below: exempted

LGU Fee: P2

3. From Balingoan Terminal, ride a motorela that will take you to Balingoan Port or better yet, walk.

Cost. Motorela, P8
Travel Time: To Balingoan Port: motorela, 3 mins; walk, 5 mins.
Balingoan to Benoni Port, 1 hr 20 mins

Upon Arrival: Benoni Port, Camiguin Island.

Different mode of transportations are available at Benoni port. You may choose from public utility jeepneys (PUJ), habal-habal, or contract van that will send you to mambajao or at your desired destination.

Cost. Jeep, P23; Habal-habal, P100-150; Van starts at P300
Travel Time. Jeep, 30-40 minutes to Mambajao

Photo credits to Ms Lareen Uy of Break My Style.


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Camiguin Island Tourist Spots

If you found yourself in Camiguin, don't miss to visit the following natural wonders and tourist attractions categorized below by municipalities.

Camiguin Island Tourist Spots, Camiguin Island, Touris Spots in Camiguin
Camiguin Island, also known as the island born of fire, is a small province in Northern Mindanao that is comprised of five municipalities namely: Mambajao, Catarman, Sagay, Guinsiliban, and Mahinog. It is a favorite vacation destination by tourists all year round due to its varied natural attractions - with each municipalities having its own natural hot & cold spring, landmarks, and mountains.

Here then, is a list of places or tourist spots that you should not miss when in Camiguin Island.
Camiguin Island Tourist Spots, Camiguin Island, Touris Spots in Camiguin


  • Mt Timpoong Hibok-Hibok national Park. MTHNP is comprised of two mountains namely Mt Timpoong and Mt Hibok-Hibok - the latter is partof the Pacific ring of fire and is politically located in the municipality of Mambajao, Camiguin. Mt Hibok-Hibok is a popular hiking destination in the northwest part of Camiguin Island with a height of 1200 meters above sea level (masl). It also has a beautiful crater that is rarely seen since most of the time, the peak is being covered with white clouds.
  • Ardent Hibok-Hibok Spring Resort - also called as Ardent Hot Spring. Comprised of six pools with varying remperature ranging from 30-39 degrees Celsius, Ardent Hot Spring is one of the main tourist attractions in Camiguin Island. Its sulfuric hot water is relaxing and healing.
  • White Island. Famous for its C-shape sand bar, this naked island is a perfect place for baking under the sun while enjoying sea urchins sold by local vendors. It is also a good vantage point of Mt Hibok-Hibok.
  • Other sights to visit: Soda Spring Pool, Tangub Hot Spring, Katibawasan Falls, Enigmata Tree House and Sculpture, Saa Cold Spring, Agohoy Black Sand Beach.

Camiguin Island Tourist Spots, Camiguin Island, Touris Spots in Camiguin


  • Walkway to the Old Volcano. With 14 life-size stations along 8km path, this tourist destination in Catarman serves as a pilgrimage site to Roman Catholic devotees. (source)
  • Old Gui-ob Church Ruins. Destroyed during the eruption of Mt Vulcan on 1875, what remained after the wrath is the church's bell tower and pillars. This well-preserved church ruins may also look like a mini park but the presence of a chapel built to hold Sunday mass remained its sanctity. 
  • Sunken Cemetery. Apart from taking photo opp with its large cross, snorkeling is the best thing to do here in order to witness the eerie underwater attraction.
  • Other sights to visit: Tuasan Falls, Bura Soda Spring, Sto Nino Cold Spring

Camiguin Island Tourist Spots, Camiguin Island, Touris Spots in Camiguin, Laureen Uy
(c) Laureen Uy,


  • Sto Rosario Church. This is one of the oldest church in Camiguin but more likely resembles a modern chapel as seen outside. I haven't seen the inside but according to, it has no grand interiors or carvings.
  • Binangawan Falls. Several maniature and gigantic waterfalls that gush through granite stones feed the falls. A rainbow also appears above the falls due to the continuous mist created by the falling water. (source)
  • Also visit: Pamunglo River

Camiguin Island Tourist Spots, Camiguin Island, Touris Spots in Camiguin
(c) Ronalie Cabatas, via FB


  • Moro-Moro Watch Towers. This well-preserved site was once a watch tower used to warn the inhabitants from the coming of Moros that often come to inflict them with damage. (source)
  • Also visit: Giant Clam Culture


  • Ostrich Breeding Farm. Based on research, this is the only Ostrich breeding facility in the country.
  • Mantigue Island - also known as Magsaysay island. This powder white island is surrounded with clear blue waters and is also rich in vegetation and marine life, hence declared as marine sanctuary. Mantigue is also one of the diving spots in Camiguin.
  • Also visit: Macao Cold Spring.

Do you want to experience Camiguin Island's annual fiesta celebration? Lanzones Festival is coming up October 26-30, 2017. Plan your travel ahead - draft your itinerary, and book your flight and accommodation as early as possible!


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Mapawa Trail Marathon: A Race To Remember

Mapawa Trail Marathon, Mapawa Trail Series, Mapawa Trail Series econd leg, Mapawa Trail, Mapawa, Mapawa Trail 42km Finishers, Trail Run, Johanns cordita, Kenn Baja,  Cagayan de Oro
Running the Mapawa Trail Marathon for my first 42km marathon was a humbling success. I have not imagined to win the first place but fate put a twist on trails that set my heart on fire.

Mapawa Trail Marathon official map and elevation profile
Mapawa Trail marathon official map with elevation profile of  2,274m elevation gain and loss. source
Mapawa Trail Marathon, Mapawa Trail Series, Mapawa Trail Run, Mapawa Trail Series 2017

Two months ago, I was only doing my usual routine - heat training, uphill training and long slow distance workouts in CDO uptown. Those days were a mix of exciting and agitating emotions given that the farthest distance I've run thus far is 32km. So part of my training is to improve mental skills. I don't know what could happen during and after Mapawa Trail run. I don't want to expect either. I don't have a PR to beat so initially, Kenn and I agreed to finish the race in sub 8.

On the day of the event, I got ambitious upon seeing the podium. I pictured out myself standing there, receiving my awards of recognition after a strong Mapawa Trail Marathon finish. Then I prayed, "Lord, kahit top three lang sa first marathon ko."

When all runners were lined up before the starting mark, I decided to apply the technique I used on my Mapawa 15km night run - to run behind the majority then slowly get ahead of everyone; but the gong startled me add to the fact that Kenn's pushing me forward. I have no choice but run. 😁 As much as possible, I have to cover more distance while the sun's not yet up and while I still have the energy to shuffle my legs. While approaching the first station at 7km mark, Kenn dropped by to take care of hydration. I went ahead then he ran after me shouting to verify my bib number and said, "Ikaw gauna sa bae!" His reaction was so intense, I can't help not to laugh. All at the same time, I am overwhelmed as well. Shortly thereafter, another female runner was behind me. Kenn said it was still too early to worry.  I'm not good with mind games so although I was anxious, I tried to relax and run on my pace. I don't want to waste our initial efforts. I want to maintain our lead. Later on, I was already enjoying the run and managed to laugh over jokes.

Mapawa Trail Marathon, Mapawa Trail Series, Mapawa Trail Run, Peak in Mapawa
We went up and down rolling hills with different terrain, but most of the time on open trails. (c) Mapawa Trail marathon

Mapawa Trail Marathon, Mapawa Trail Series, Mapawa Trail Run, Peak in Mapawa,  Mapawa Trail
Then at some point, our knees had a quick break upon passing by this terrain. Would you rather run or walk? (c) LadySoda

In all of the running events I've joined, Mapawa Trail marathon is by far the best race I've participated in. I have not suffered from leg cramps nor experienced heat exhaustion. Maybe because I have learned how to handle myself with my previous experiences including the Mapawa Night Run and Mt Megatong Trail Run. Whenever I feel my legs harden, I would stop and stretch quickly. I am also doing well with my supplementation and hydration, making sure to take it every hour to prevent exhaustion and  fatigue. It's one of those running essentials that I need to perfect in the next marathons I'll sign up for. On top of that, Kenn was supporting me all throughout the course. Somehow, having a running buddy makes every run memorable and fun.

Breathtaking, isn't it?
Mapawa Trail Marathon, Mapawa Trail Series, Mapawa Trail Run, Peak in Mapawa,  Mapawa Trail
This trail could've been muddier if it rained. Thank God it haven't! (c) LadySoda

What I love about the trails in Mapawa is that  it's challenging. There were lots of open and single-tracked trails  that every runner should take. A number of technical downhills and some nagging knee-pain uphills. There were inescapable boulders and muddy trails to pass by. Albeit all these, the scenic views, the cold streams, and the will to overcome yourself made Mapawa Trail Marathon a worthwhile run.  Although challenging, Mapawa  Trail is a friendly course to run for a first time marathoner like me. Should I say, every challenges along the course is manageable.

Mapawa Trail Marathon, Mapawa Trail Series, Mapawa Trail Series econd leg, Mapawa Trail, Mapawa, Mapawa Trail 42km Finishers, Trail Run, Johanns cordita, Kenn Baja,  Cagayan de Oro
Mapawa Trail Marathon, Mapawa Trail Series, Mapawa Trail Series econd leg, Mapawa Trail, Mapawa, Mapawa Trail 42km Finishers, Trail Run, Johanns cordita, Kenn Baja,  Cagayan de Oro
Mapawa Trail Marathon, Mapawa Trail Series, Mapawa Trail Series econd leg, Mapawa Trail, Mapawa, Mapawa Trail 42km Finishers, Trail Run, Johanns cordita, Kenn Baja, Mapawa Trail Run 2017, Mapawa 42km Champion Women's Category,  Cagayan de Oro

My ambition to stand in the podium, the courage not to waste our efforts to maintain the lead, and the desire to hit out target time - these all pushed me forward until Kenn and I ran towards the finish line hand in hand. We were 36 minutes and 10 seconds behind our target yet for the record, I end up 1hr 40mins ahead of the next. (See official results here)

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Where to Stay in Camiguin - The Island Born of Fire

Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat and Dive Resort, Where to stay in Camiguin, Accommodations in Camiguin, Hotels and Lodging House in Camiguin, Camiguin Island Accommodation, Camiguin Island, Island Born of Fire
Camiguin Nypa Style Resort, Where to stay in Camiguin, Accommodations in Camiguin, Hotels and Lodging House in Camiguin, Camiguin Island Accommodation, Camiguin Island, Island Born of Fire

Camiguin Island is home to 11 volcanoes and is rich in waterfalls and natural hot and cold springs. It also promise a laid back lifestyle experience that is totally different from the city - no malls, only a taste of modern classic cuisines and a touch of nature in its bounty. With that being said, it is no doubt why people from all walks of life find retreat in the Island Born of Fire all year round. So if you are planning to visit Camiguin and don't know where to stay, here's a list of accommodations available in the island as provided by Camiguin Tourism Association.

Paras Beach Resort, Where to stay in Camiguin, Accommodations in Camiguin, Hotels and Lodging House in Camiguin, Camiguin Island Accommodation, Camiguin Island, Island Born of Fire

Hotel and Resorts

Agohay Villaforte Resort & Restaurant 0917-879-0879 / 0947-415-5581
Algen's Dive Resort 0917-300-7615 or 0917-706-2845
Ardent Hibok-Hibok Spring and Resort 088-387-0508 / 0906-789-5744
Bahay bakasyunan sa Camiguin 088-387-0515 / 0917-721-2798 / 088-387-1057
Balai sa BaiBai 088-387-9594 / 0918-962-2808
Cabua-an Beach Resort 088-387-2103 / 0915-336-3582 / 0919-725-7402
Camiguin Action Geckos 088-387-0146 / 088-387-1266
Camiguin Golden Sunset Beach Club 088-387-9163 / 0917-775-6281
Camiguin Highland Resort 088-387-0515 / 088-387-0517 / 0917-827-0200
Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat and Dive Resort 088-387-9551
Camiguin White Island Resort 0917-794-7879
Casa Rocca Inn and Restaurant 088-387-9500
Catarman Coral Dive and Resort 0935-469-5444
Cave's Dive Resort 088-387-9040 / 0918-915-7593 / 0918-807-6888
Club Marina Beach Resort 088-387-0515 / 088-387-0517 / 0917-827-0200
Dayo Beach Resort and Cottages 0905-724-4441
El Planta Camiguin Resort 0926-628-6113
Ferrabel Beach Resort 0975-264-5727 / 088-387-9520
Guerrera Rice Paddi Villas 0917-311-9859
Islet Beach Resort 088-387-4005 / 0916-365-3966 / 0905-832-1569
Kurma (Dice into spirit) 088-387-9084 / 0916-469-8912
Medano Island Resort 0917-622-0428 / 0928-655-1246 / 0905-847-6946
Nypa Style Resort Camiguin 0921-638-3709
Paradise Island Apartelle 0920-272-9903 / 0905-877-8197
Paras Beach Resort 088-387-9117 / 0917-715-0032 / 0917-715-2285
Puesta Del Sol Beach Bungalows 0936-627-6064 / 0926-799-1616
Roldan's Beach Resort 0927-407-6954
Seascape Beach Resort 088-387-9534 / 0935-522-6885
Somewhere Else Boutique Resort 0939-809-0928
Terrasse Beach Resort and Restaurant 0915-212-8127
Turtle Beach Resort 0917-660-5495
Villa Paraiso resort and Apartelle 088-387-0419 / 0917-308-9296 / 0917-308-9293
Vismin GV Hotel  088-387-1041
Ysla Beach Camp and Eco Resort 0905-798-4111 / 0926-073-7123

Cabua-an Beach Resort, Where to stay in Camiguin, Accommodations in Camiguin, Hotels and Lodging House in Camiguin, Camiguin Island Accommodation, Camiguin Island, Island Born of Fire

Cottages, Homestays, Bed & Breakfast

Amaya Apartelle 0926-420-7070 / 0936-380-1805
Bullecer Homestay 0935-148-5265 / 0910-431-1787
Camiguin Blue Lagoon 0926-554-0196
Camiguin Souldivers 0947-411-1189 / 0906-114-2325
Cantaan Yacht Inn and Restobar 0906-837-7928
Carmen's Haven 0917-515-9299
Casa Absuelo 088-387-8020 / 0938-885-4620
Casa De Cutab Guesthouse Café 0918-979-9912 / 0915-744-7153
Casa Esperanza Cottages 088-387-9062 / 0915-260-5849 / 0908-818-1512
Casa Mel Sol Cottages 0920-668-8404 / 0916-857-6378
Catarman Inn 0917-622-8252 / 0917-533-2556
Chumz Travelodge 088-387-9549 / 0917-303-7205
Creek and Traveller Cottages 0916-622-2553 / 088-387-7012
D & A Seasie Cottages 0927-933-0921 / 0929-528-6827 / 0918-9931216
DS Vacation House 088-387-9519 / 0906-813-6082
Dumini Kaw Ta Camiguin 0916-845-6196
Eden Vista Apartelle 0915-678-9168 / 0917-722-8168
Gamorot-Pabololot Cottages 088-387-9046 / 0927-846-2598
Hidden Suites 0917-521-9391
Hilltop Bed and Breakfast 0917-431-5711
Jello Sea Cottages 0917-402-3303
JJE Pension House 088-387-2094 / 0916-748-8474
July's Haven Seaside Pension 0906-774-6006
Kenkye Hiding Lodge Folkhauz & Restobar 0905-143-1280
Lanzones Cabana 088-880-6918 / 0906-293-2470
Mabini Lodge 0918-462-0142 / 0906-490-6472
Marianita's Cottages 0926-451-9216
Melinda's Beach 088-387-9015 / 0927-296-9636
Morning Glory Beach and Cottages 088-387-9017 / 0926-899-7988
Mountain View Cottage 0916-749-6377
Myrna's Bamboo Cottages 088-387-9191 / 0915-622-5325 / 0917-624-3303
Myrna's Burger and Homestay 0947-923-8010 / 0927-319-3285 / 0915-551-7196
Nautilus Cottages 0915-679-5467 / 0905-439-9992
Nene's Cottage 088-387-9186 / 0936-418-6994
Northern Lights Down Town (Balbagon) 088-387-0566 / 0975-270-1956
Ochavillo Travelers Home 0908-139-8263 / 0977855-2865
Pabua's Cottage 088-387-9033 / 0906-415-2557 / 0917-321-0449
Paguia's Cottages 0917-115-5796
Paradiso Hillside Restaurant and Cottages 0917-123-7204
Patsada Cottages 0919-349-0649
Philmany - Home Rentals 088-387--540 / 0916-321-9291
RD Sabacajan Pension House 088-387-9150 / 0906-287-4839
RG Happy Home 0910-542-1943 / 0906-916-5559
Rosela's Apartelle 088-387-9143 / 0915-581-0411
Sabacajan Cottages 088-387-9515 / 0999-909-1449 / 0917-896-2062
Sabuga Cottages 0915-690-5417 / 0936-840-1817
Sacred Nest 0915-812-6386
Sagrado Room for Rent 0906-689-2167
Segundo Cabiguin Room for Rent 0997-266-9736
Shena Jhane Cottages 0917-791-9362
Sunriser Pension House 088-387-0073
Tabada's Homestay 0917-630-6672 / 0915-854-5468
Yvonne Cottages / Mini Golf Club 088-387-9164 / 0915-485-6541

Have you found your best choice here? Alternatively, look for best priced accommodation in Camiguin Island through or Agoda by clicking through your preferred online booking preference. Enjoy your Camiguin getaway!

NOTE: The list of accommodations in Camiguin Island specified herein is an official and a public information provided by Camiguin Tourism Association. This post is published with permission and consent from the said body. Also, photos from this post are credited to the following owners: a) Main photo - Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat and Dive Resort, b) second photo - Camiguin Nypa Style Resort, c) Paras Beach Resort.

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CDO Heritage Walk: Historical Landmarks of Cagayan de Oro

As a Hinatuanon who planned to settle in the City of Golden Friendship, I vowed to immerse myself in the city’s local history, culture, food, adventure, and everything and anything about Cagayan de Oro.

So when I got the opportunity to join CDO Heritage Walk, I knew I was only a step ahead of my immersion goals. CDO Heritage Walk is a free familiarization tour which aims to promote the historical landmarks of Cagayan de Oro all the while enticing tourists to visit the city as well as to carry back century-old knowledge lost in the process of modernization. The activity is spearheaded by Northern Mindanao Tour Guides in line with Philippine Independence Day and Cagayan de Oro Charter Day, of which the celebration is called Himugso, held every 12th of June.


Little do we express appreciation of the things that surrounds us everyday such that we seem not to see things at all to care for what’s it worth.

When Sir Nilo, our tour guide for CDO Heritage Walking Tour asked me what’s my expectation will be, the exact thoughts above surged in my head. I already expect what CDO landmarks to see as our itinerary was already specified prior to the event, but I was thinking how most people tend to overlook significant things just because it’s a common sight. Although markers are placed and museums are available to detail history, everyone might be too busy to spare a time to read. However, as I am armed with the things I learned let me go through what we tackled on our tour.

Historical Landmarks in Cagayan de Oro

Plaza Divisoria is officially named as Golden Friendship Park. The word divisoria comes from Spanish word divider, as its purpose back in the days was to serve as a divider in order to prevent fires from engulfing the whole area. At present, what you can see here are lots of commercial space and monuments.

Historical Landmarks in Cagayan de Oro

Tourist Assistance Area, formerly known as tourism show house, is strategically located in the middle of Plaza Divisoria so that tourists who would love to tour around Cagayan de Oro and the rest of Northern Mindanao can have easy access to information with the help of the staffs (talk about a helping hand!)

Historical Landmarks in Cagayan de Oro

Plaza El Pubelo Heroes or The Cry of Freedom Monument is dedicated to all the katipuneros (kagay-anons) who fought during the 2nd battle of Cagayan de Misamis known as Agusan Hill. The bolo and the flag that is carried by the statue symbolize armed resistance of the said Katipuneros.
Trivia: Uniforms of the dead and wounded katipuneros are kept inside the cabinet placed at the back of the monument.

Historical Landmarks in Cagayan de Oro
Old photo (right) originally displayed in Museum of Three Cultures

If there is any structure that has survived during the Filipino-American war, it is only Tamparong building which endured all the bombings of the past. It still stands today in the corner of Velez and Divisoria streets, currently the Mang Inasal building.

Historical Landmarks in Cagayan de Oro

Velez Street was formerly called Calle del Mar or the road which leads to the sea during the Spanish period. Apparently, when you have to follow the road, it will take you to the portside area.

Historical Landmarks in Cagayan de Oro
Old photo (right) is originally displayed in Museum of Three Cultures

Casa del Chino Ygua (Balay na Bato) was the ancestral house of first Chinese immigrants in Cagayan de Oro, the Sia family. This was used as headquarters of the revolutionary forces that fought for freedom of Cagayan de Misamis during the Filipino-American war, whose remains were also buried on its backyard. Now, the house is used for commercial space seemingly forgetting the terror of the past.
Trivia: The original bricks of the house were kept by the Sia family.

Historical Landmarks in Cagayan de Oro

Gaston Park was once called as barangay uno (first barangay) as it was where the first settlement was relocated. Accordingly, 1st settlement in CDO started with a group of indigenous people led by Datu Salangsang and they lived in Himologan, 8kms upstream Cagayan river. During the 1600s, they were converted into Christianity by Fray Augustine de San Pedro and were transferred in Gaston Park.

Historical Landmarks in Cagayan de Oro
Old photo (right) is originally displayed in Museo de Oro

City Museum, built in 1922, was used before as water tower. It was then remodelled into a three-gallery museum that houses the history of three battles of Cagayan de Oro, the pen used to sign the charter of the city, and memorabilia among others that would serve as ‘go-to’ for the people to take a glimpse of how CDO came to be through series of events.
Trivia: City museum is a leaning structure in the city.

Historical Landmarks in Cagayan de Oro

Memorial Wall which was built in the vicinity of Gaston Park near the cathedral serves as a reminder of tragic history in CDO brought about by nature’s wrath. Mother Nature, although breathtaking in its own right, also impose danger when maltreated, hence, the typhoon Sendong in 2011. Scribbled on the wall is an official list of names from MDRRMC of people who died and are went missing.

Historical Landmarks in Cagayan de Oro
Old photo (right)is originally displayed inMuseum of Three Cultures

St Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral has been rebuilt a number of times because it was always burned down during the war. With its former material made of wood and grass to stones to concrete, the church was finally completed in 1852 through the efforts of Archbishop Hayes . It stands for --- years now.

Historical Landmarks in Cagayan de Oro

When the natives governed by Datu Salangsang converted to Christianity, they stopped paying tributes to Sultan Kudarat which made him mad and led the moros to raid the village. To repel any attacks, the villagers built a fort which is now what we know as Duaw Kagayan Park. It is a project of Kagay-anon International, City Tourism Council and all other Kagay-anons worldwide.

Historical Landmarks in Cagayan de Oro
Old photo (right) is originally displayed in Museu, of Three Cultures.

Executive Building, once known as Casa Real where the Spanish governor and colonial administration stayed, is also a witness of current history during the proclamation of city mayor, a place where he also goes for duty.

There you go! How do you find this article? If you have anything to share, comment down below and follow me on my social media sites for updated travel trails.

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Lifetime Journey To Healthy Diet

Healthy diet, gawing habit -- FOR LIFE.

This year's theme for the nutrition month is a slogan to live by. It helps me meditate and relive what mom and grandma want for me, to live a healthy lifestyle along with a balanced diet.

According to Science Daily, healthy diet is a practice of making choices about what and/or how much one eats to maintain or improve overall health. It may vary widely according to an individual's genetic make up, environment, and health; hence the need to follow recommended controlled portions. Having a balanced diet provides essential vitamins and nutrients that our body needs to function properly. It also reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes as well as obesity.

With emphasis on improving overall health, I grew up seeing two nutritional posters on our dining wall almost round the clock. These posters illustrate Go, Glow and Grow foods; and the other one shows the food pyramid - a pictorial grid of what to eat the more/least. Grandma said I need to be mindful of the foods I eat if I want to live longer. I have been taught that maintaining a healthy diet means to eat more on substantial foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, less on meats, lesser on fats and dairy products. With that being said, I jot down on a piece of paper things to do and foods to eat that would fit my lifestyle to which I followed consistently for years. Yet like anyone else, I, too, fell prey with todays eating disorder - the one which I thought is a shortcut to achieving a flat belly. Going to university in a city means more access to industrial/processed foods. I went through yoyo diet following the no breakfast, half cup of rice on lunch, oat on dinner kind of diet. Also, if it's not to sleep or cry over academic stress and life dramas, stress eating is the norm. Though it took me years to get back on track, I would have to agree that 'healthy behaviors that starts in adolescence make healthy adults' is indeed true.

I could still be munching on chips everyday if I want to but I don't need empty calories to ruin my lifelong goals for healthy diet and active lifestyle. Like me, it's never too late to start your healthy diet journey. Start building healthy habits now!


  • Ask yourself what you want to change. Be specific. As for me, I want to get back in shape and eventually maintain a weight and so I worked for that goal.
  • Reflect on the negative habit and think of its positive opposite. Mine is skipping on breakfasts and eating less throughout the day which led me to binging whenever opportunity knocks - weekends or chat time with friends. Instead of skipping meals, I get back to eating proper diet. I make sure to eat three times a day with heavy breakfast and light dinner. Later when I started running, I've been eating five times a day to partition meals to help sustain my energy.
  • Be honest about limitations. It's okay not to make drastic change in your diet but as much as possible, incorporate healthy foods every meal and exercise regularly. As they say, small is good.
    • Plan. Make things in your schedule. "If you want to achieve something, you have to make it a part of your routine." Says Erwan Heussaff on his weight loss journey. 
    • Commit to the change and ask help from loved ones if needed.
    • Reward yourself each week with a treat. This will help you motivate to hit your weekly target.

    Ditch your unhealthy eating pattern one step at a time. It may not be easy from the beginning but bad habits aren't hard to break either. All it takes is determination, perseverance, and commitment to change. A mindset to improve your life by nourishing your body. For more healthy diet tips, follow #RadyoMoSaNutrisyonYr8 on Facebook.

    This post contains main photo and some texts/healthy habits guideline from National Nutrition Council Region X. However, rest assured, that opinions expressed herein are based on my personal experience.

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    In Accomodation Cagayan de Oro Misamis Oriental

    Emerald Suites CDO: Urban Comfort in a Budget

    Emerald Suites CDO: Urban Comfort at a Budget

    Emerald Suites CDO, a budget-friendly hotel in the city of golden friendship was recognized as the Best Affordable Hotel Inn by Golden GLobe Annual Awards for Business Excellence (GGAABE) in 2016. Sold by this idea, I booked online to secure my room reservation all the while enjoying member's benefits - discounts and redeemable points.

    I showed up at the reception with my better half on the scheduled date. Check-in was swift and smooth. After a short orientation of the hotel's rules breakfast time, we then took the stairs to our assigned room.

    Emerald Suites CDO, Double-sized bed
    Emerald Suites' guest kits is a plus!
    I was swept off when I entered the room. It was very spacious and in my mind I was like, " shall I do my workouts here or just roll on the floor?" 😂

    Rooms and Amenities

    Emerald Suites CDO has 30 spacious, comfortable rooms equipped with the following:
    • Fully air-conditioned
    • Cable LED TV
    • Hot and cold head shower
    • WiFi access
    • Toiletries and personal hygiene kit
    • Bath towels
    • Large cabinet
    • Dresser
    • A pair of room slippers

    We chose the deluxe room for ourselves with a promo price of ₱1,280.00, but since I booked online, we end up paying less instead. More than the price mark down, I loved everything about the room - large space, comfortably soft bed and pillows, chic bath and toilet in blue and white combination, and the cleanliness in general. Another bonus was the hygiene kit provided, which included soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste. Other hotels usually provide soap and shampoo only. WiFi connection was also stable.

    Breakfast for two was included in the net amount paid at the reception and can be ordered from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM at the hotel's cafe located at the ground floor.


    The hotel is located in Jose Agudo St - just a stone throw away from the city’s major malls namely: SM Premier CDO, Ayala Centrio Mall, Gaisano Mall and LimKetKai Mall. It would not be hard to get around downtown city goven its strategic location. Public transportation were easily accessible too.


    Aside from the location, I also admired how the well-trained staff of Emerald Suites would greet you with their smiles from the moment they will see you approaching or just passing by the reception desk. Room service was quick as well. When the TV inside our room went dead, one of the staff knocked on the door and offered assistance.

    Booking Info

    Give them a call through the following numbers:  (088) 880-7745, 0922-849-6450, and 0917-316-8949. Alternatively, search for the best deals and prices for Emerald Suites CDO at

    Check-in Time: 02:00 PM. Add P100 for early check-in
    Check-out Time: 12:00 NN

    With the comfort and accessibility that the hotel provides, you will never go wrong with Emerald Suites. I would surely not miss to recommend this to my friends.

    * Main photo is borrowed from FB page ofEmerald Suites CDO.

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