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Dogs' Loyalty
"Trust their loyalty. " My boyfriend's voice echoed in my head.

I was set to travel for a one night stay in Hinatuan to follow my brothers and visit our lola. Aside from my main purpose to be realized,  I would also want to check how my dogs are doing. 

"Dy, do you think they would still come to me?" Doubts reigned inside me.

Memories from December 2014 rolled back to mind like ocean's wave kissing the sand. I left my dogs to my friend's care when I was out of town to celebrate Yuletide with my family. When I came back to fetch them home,  Natnat barked in madness like I was some stranger.  She was heavy-hearted towards me which was understandably enough for it was our first time separated. Then I left them again few weeks after to chase dreams somewhere. 

It's been almost a year since that day, hence my apprehension.

"Trust their loyalty." Kenn appeased.

True enough, when I went to my granny's backyard to see my dogs, JK and Natnat wagged their tails in surprise. I played with them as time permits and saw both happiness and longing in their eyes. I'm happy as well because I know that on my next visits, my dogs would still welcome me for I have their loyalty.

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