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First, I'd like to clarify that documented photos of our adopted kittens are of their cold lives. The kitten featured herein is therefore not related to our adopted babies. 

February.  It's this month of the year again in MSU when fog sets in sending shivers of cold to the bones. Our routine, however, stood the same despite the change of weather. It's the usual Kenn-would-fetch-me-after-class-and-roam-around-anywhere scenario when on a chilly afternoon as we passed by the sidewalk,  three abandoned kittens inside a box loudly meow-ing got our attention. Having a soft heart for cats (and dogs), we carried the box to Kenn's boarding house. It's official. We are adopting these three kittens. 

We made sure that they will be properly provided. So as dinner comes, Kenn and I fed them with milk; at night we secured the box to at least minimize the cold. Few days had passed, our kittens has no appetite still. I'm thinking maybe their looking for their momma's milk or is it with the low temperature?  Nevertheless,  we gave our best efforts to make them healthy. But an answer to my question came in quickly. It's the damn weather that's making our babies sick! The weather is too cruel for them to survive. One by one death claimed them. The sudden goodbye left me in despair,  yet Kenn's comforting words had me moved on,  "at least we have helped extend their lives. If we left them on the sidewalk,  they could have died on that same night. "

" A true journey,  no matter how long the travel takes, has no end." - William Least Heat-Moon
Our adopted kittens may have died some years ago but their lives don't just end there. I know that wherever their soul may be, they are living a comfortable life now. 

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